Agent Spotlight

Mike Sullivan

Realtor, MBA, GRI

Lender Spotlight

Jamie Zeitz

Careful home staging is a proven tactic utilized to sell a house here in Alachua, Florida. Home staging benefits include less time on the market and higher selling prices. If you want to sell your home quickly, consider a well-planned approach to home staging.

Look at staging your home as creating an “image” for your home similar to what a publicist would do for a notable client. Just like creating a style garners more attention to a musician, staging makes your real estate look better when it’s on the market.

If you’ve fully moved out already, consider temporary furniture. You want your house to seem livable as opposed to vacated. More months on the market are sure signs of homes that haven’t been staged. As a successful REALTOR, I can help you stage your house so that your home sells as quickly as possible. Preparing your home to sell shouldn’t be thought of as a problem. At times, it’s an eye-opening and creative activity. Together, we’ll strive for a high offer for your property.

Here's a short video with some tips on staging basics....the objective is to put your best foot forward on the first impression!  As you know, you only get one chance to make a first impression...