Agent Spotlight

Mike Sullivan

Realtor, MBA, GRI

Lender Spotlight

Jamie Zeitz

Mike possesses valuable knowledge, years of experience, is a seasoned realtor, with a commitment to excellence.


You have been able to do something no other realtor has been able to do.  I appreciate our working together as a team through the entire process.


My husband and I appreciate Mike as a realtor more than we can say.  His website says he would be on hand to help through thick and thin in all the details until the house was bought.  This was certainly true in our case!  We could not have done it without him.  Mike made the experience not only doable but pleasant, because we knew he was on top of things in a proactive way.

Sandra and Ivan

'With us living all the way in Maryland and purchasing a home in Florida, we needed someone to guide us through the home buying process. Mr. Sullivan went above and beyond to make this experience very pleasant. Mr. Sullivan handled obtaining all of the contractors such as an appraiser, inspector, insurance company and anyone else that we needed on-site for the sale of this home. He allowed us to purchase this home from 750 miles away without us having to travel back and forth to get things done. Mr. Sullivan provided us with worry-free and hassle-free costumer service. I recommend him to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a home. '

William & Melinda Rice 

William and Melinda Rice

I hope the agent we select in Jacksonville is half the agent you are!


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mike Sullivan. Interaction with Mike has been outstanding and he worked diligently to accomplish tasks that enabled me to purchase property that I was interested in. I can honestly say that he went above and beyond to help me. Mike is committed to excellence and I highly recommend him as your realtor.

Kathryn Brasswell

if you EVER need a realtor Mike Sullivan is your guy. Our property was unique, it was our childhood home, very old, needed repairs, no air conditioning, well out, not in the greatest shape to say the least, Nice property just needed the right match. Mike heard our story and still took it on. He was very encouraging from the first day we met. I am proud to say our home sold to the perfect match in less than six months. We could not of done it without Mike's help. Mike can help you too.

Beth Eddy

I appreciate your attention to detail and working with us through the pre-occupancy for the home.  I'm so glad we changed realtors.


If you EVER need a realtor, Mike Sullivan is your guy. He has been the greatest asset to us in the sale of our home. He had so much wisdom and helped us sell our house in FIVE weeks. And that was during November and December (Holiday months). He has worked so hard for us and we are so grateful that we worked with him. Please consider Mike for your next home purchase or sale. You won't be disappointed!

Sarabeth Vaughn

For the better part of a year, we were faced with one problem after another with the house, ranging from leaking pipes to buyer loan ineligibility.  Through several contracts, Mike remained upbeat and encouraging, spending many hours meeting workmen and staying at the house with them, making repairs himself, dealing with the next new issue with knowledge and good humor.  His expertise is evident, his skill in dealing with people competent and careful.  His low-key approach is compelling to seller and buyer alike.  We are so grateful for all Mike did for us in selling our mother's home.  We trust him completely and wholeheartedly recommend his work!

Suzanne & Karen

Thanks so much for helping us in the sale of our existing home as well as the purchase of our new home!  Your willingness to help in every step of the process is so much appreciated!  What you do is so different from any other realtor, there's just no comparison!

Ted and Brandy

Mike was impeccable in every aspect of helping me sell my house...a win/win/win sale!


'Mike Sullivan has been an excellent realtor. He is knowledgeable, approachable and professional realtor. I will highly recommend him to my friends and family.'

Venetta Thompson

Thank you for being the best real estate agent around!


'Mike has been excellent. I am thoroughly impressed with his work. He is helpful, knowledgeable, persistent yet courteous and humble. He is also confident, punctual, and a good worker from my experience. I tell people that when looking for a realtor they need someone with these qualities and someone who believes in your property. I am happy to have found Mike to sell my real estate. I hope to work with him in the future as well! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a house. Thanks Mike!'

Jonathan Saunders

Mr. Mike went out of his way to help facilitate a smooth closing.  Furthermore he helped us complete tasks no ordinary agent would be willing to do.  We're blessed

Wayne and Amy

I appreciated that throughout this process you offered insight and explanation of each step of the way.  I was reassured by your honesty and integrity-  even though you represented the seller, I felt like you kept both of our best interests in mind.  This felt more like working with a friend than a realtor we met by chance when we toured the house.   Thank you again, what a blessing to have had you for this experience!

Sarah and Reed

You went above and beyond my expectations.


We're so pleased that we had selected you as our agent!  Your experience and willingness to follow through on the details of the transaction proved to be invaluable.  Thanks so much for all your assistance and expertise in the sale of our home!


We couldn't have asked for anything more!