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What Now?  My Listing Has Expired!Expired Listing

Not what anyone desiring to sell their home wants to hear.  And certainly the emotions run the gammet --- anger, disappointment, wondering 'why', what could I have done differently--- all are natural, and justified when a home does not sell.  The real question once a listing expires is 'What do we do now?'  It's not too late to get the job done right!

The answer to the question as to why your property did not sell is really very simple -- MARKETING.  Marketing consists of three components; PRODUCT, PRICE, and PROMOTION.  The reason your home did not sell is because one or more of these components was not in alignment with the market.  Together, we will examine each one to determine where adjustments in marketing can be made.

I know a lot of agents no doubt have been contacting you, making all sorts of claims ---it can be pretty annoying at times. Bottom line, before you re-list with another agent, have them provide to you documented results from past customers.  They should also be able to discuss with you in detail things like absorption rates, the median sales price in your neighborhood, and their marketing plan.  Just as we differentiate a home, the realtor should be able to differentiate themselves as well.

Should you have any questions, give me a call.  No pressure, no hassle, no obligation, just a friendly conversation as to how best to market your property, and what can be done differently going forward.

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